ndustry Integration in the Era of M&A Forum Was Held in Beijing


From 2009-2013, the compounded annual growth rate of the trading number and amount in China’s M&A market were 43% and 29% respectively. In 2014, the M&A market represented by listed companies grew increasingly. From January to August 2014, the restructuring cases approved by CSRC have increased by 135.71% than last year. Meanwhile, more and more Chinese capitals were invested abroad for global expansion. China is welcoming the era of M&A.w2a九鼎投资(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市公司

In such era, how to find directions, seize opportunities and go abroad are the problems what Chinese entrepreneurs should think about.w2a九鼎投资(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市公司

JD Business School held its 15th course themed by Industry Integration in the Era of M&A in Beijing on November 28th. More than 240 people from JD Capital’s investees and executives of listed companies attended the course.w2a九鼎投资(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市公司

On the course, JD Capital’s partner Lei CAI talked about the performance of world-class enterprises from features and laws of companies worthy hundreds of billions US dollars. Yang LI, General Manager of M&A Department of Southwest Securities explained relevant legislations and laws and shared cases. Mingjian CHEN, President of Hollyhigh International Capital, summarized the features of M&A markets and the modes of overseas acquisition. Ming YU, Head of Investment Department of JD Capital, shared M&A ideas and modes based on its real cases.w2a九鼎投资(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市公司

This year, projects participated in and invested by JD Capital included UTour Travel, SZIEC’s three-year project, Baoding TCM, Sichuan Mining, Zhuyuan International Travel Service, Club Med, Jiahua Energy and Shenzhou Great Wall. Based on the mode of “Industry + Capital”, JD Capital helped enterprises and entrepreneurs expand globally.w2a九鼎投资(600053.SH)_上交所私募股权投资领域上市公司